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Food Display Tubes

Our bulk food display tubes are great for displaying food. A variety of sizes and styles allow for flexible display options. Sold in quantity lots for super savings.

Free shipping in continental USA.


Vertical Cylinder Rotator

Quantity of 2. Six 4''-high removable cylinders on this display are seated on a lazy-Susan base, while a 6''-high removable cylinder sits in the center. All cylinders are 4'' in diameter.

Dims: 6 3/4'' H x 12'' Diameter

$ 198.99


Rotating Cereal Tubes

Quantity of 2. Holds 4 different cereals in angle-topped tubes. Each tube has an attached handle and hinged lid for easy pouring. Rotating lazy-Susan base is constructed of contrasting black acrylic.

Dims: 15 x 12 x 12

$ 291.45


Upright Bulk Food Bins

Quantity of 2. When counter space is at a premium, triple your display size by expanding upward. Our upright bulk food bins have hinged, flip-up lids. Removable bins are seated upon a contoured, laser-cut acrylic stand. Includes 3 suction cup hooks and 3 white scoops.

Dims: 22 x 6 x 20

$ 349.50


Angle-Cut Tops

Quantity of 6

Dims: 8'' H x 6'' Diameter

$ 207.90


Quantity of 6

Dims: 12'' H x 6'' Diameter

$ 237.00


Straight Top With Lid

Quantity of 6. Straight top style includes lid.

Dims: 6'' H x 6'' Diameter

$ 154.50


Quantity of 6

Dims: 8'' H x 8'' Diameter

$ 448.50


Angled Food Tubes with Lids

Quantity of 6. The angle-cut bottom of our display tubes makes each cylinder ''lean'' forward for easy access. Each angled food tube includes a lid, suction cup hanger, and a white scoop.

Dims: 8 x 6.5 x 9

$ 445.50